I have kinda got a story that goes along with this, so...ya know. Anyways:

Im a drummer(really? Dur da Dur), and i have a huge drumset. And im going to be honest, im a highschool student who was spoiled with this huge beast of a drumset some 5 years ago or something. Just to list it, its a Pearl Export, 12-Piece. 2 Bass, Snare, 6 Toms, 3 Single Head Toms(not roto, like concert toms). And i kind of feel like i have outgrown it. Its just kinda Mismatched, and nothing sounds real great. And i have grown it from a 5 Peice. But to save a lot of details, i enjoy playing on a 5-Piece Drumset more then this thing. Im having a really hard time suggesting this to my dad, because he is the one who has funded this whole thing. So here is the deal:
Recently my friend wrote a song. And luckly i have a teacher friend at a small school who happeneds to have a recording studio in the music room. High quality crap. No drum fx, but im mean, Pre-Sonus Digital Mixer, Audix Mics, everything. So after we lay down the drums, i listen to it, and im like "man, those sound so...outspread(was the word that came to mind)." They really didnt sound too bad, individually (except my crappy cast bronze cymbals). But together, it all sounded like crap. I had always thought it was just my listening point that mad it sound bad, but i think this is kinda the icing on the cake.

So here is what im trying to say:
I want something small, and easy to record. Here is what my Preference would be: 10", 12", 14" toms, preferably somewhat short, maybe 6-ply maple or birch. 14x7 or 14x3 snare. Preferably Birch, as many plys as reasonable. And a kick that is either 22x18, or 20x20. Preferably Mahogony, or Maple. What would be a good brand and series to look at to accomplish this for....800-1200USD used. I think i can sell my 12 peice for $1000.00-$1250.00. Maybe im unreasonable, but ive seen other ones somewhat like it do that good. But if i did accomplish this, should i save up and get something a little more expensive, and stick with my crappy cymbals until i can afford new ones? Im playing Classic Rock, and Avenged Sevenfold(not metal or rock, just a7x) mainly. But i play in school stage band, and who knows what offers i could get. So these drums need to be a good sound all around. Im a fan of deep toms, and thumpy basses, but not muddy. Thats why i said 10,12,14, and not +2" on each.

I dont know what to say, i just really want a:
-Smaller Drumset
-Sounds Good All Around

What would be an idea on where to start?

Id like to do some self recording, but im not even going to start that investment until i get a set that sounds decent together. My Bass's are even made out of the same wood.

Thanks for the help...
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Or you could... You know... Tune your drum set? Trust me, get some new heads, I found Remo's Powerstroke 3 to be really good with exports, stick em on and tune. Just get new cymbals
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I've heard some exports that sound fantastic. But I can see how you have out grown them.

Right now there is a Tama Starclassic maple in 10, 12, 14, and 22. Just the toms and bass for $850 shipped, and you could probably knock $100 if you bid rather than "buy it now."

These deals pop up all the time. Now, if you went for something like this, say the drums were $800 shipped, you can pick up any snare you could think of for $200-300.

I don't know how much you could get out of the Exports, but I'm pretty sure you could get enough.

If you're playing classic rock, I would go for some old Zildjian A's. They have depreciated recently, so you can get them for cheap. Chances are, if the drummers you are listening to played in the '50s-'80s, they played Zildjian. You can pick up any of these (and basically and modern A) for $125-$175 depending on what it is and its condition.

Most people skip over A's because they are "boring," but they are like really expensive drums, they are pre-EQ'd.
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