Or at least, learn as much as I can about the guitar in my short lifetime. I want to learn how to write, I just want to learn everything. I've fooled around with my guitar for like a year now, just learning some songs, but I really want to learn it. I want to be able to write and compose my own music, I also want to be able to jam better with other people.

I've got to teach myself, because lessons aren't really an option right now. So my question to you guys is, where should I start learning?
Scales, Chords, how to read music, etc.
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Whoa man thats a big question "where should I learn everything?". Where are you now in youre playing ability?

I geuss the best piece of advice would be to set goals. Long term and short term (I told myself years ago that I wouldnt be happy with my technique till I mastered Scarified by Paul Gilbert, and my long term technique goal is far from being realised). Setting goals will help you right now because itll force you to think more specifically about what you want to achieve - the guitar and music in general is an incredibly wide area of study so you gotta narrow it down to start with, to give yourself a sense of direction and hopefully accomplishment.
Ask yourself questions like 'what genre(s) do I want to specialise in?' and then find out about the best players in that genre and study what they do (even if you want to be a master of all trades, you gotta start off your musical journey somewhere, and I dont believe trying to learn everything in an unfocused scattergun manner will be as productive).

TL;DR, dont be vague

I also believe that learning theory helps with your general understanding of music and therfore helps compose music. So learning The Major Scale is the place to start with that. Learn it and understand it and construct it and then learn how to build chords and harmonise from it. Then learn about chord progressions.

I think that another thing that will help you a lot is to join a band, even if you dont feel youre quite ready. Playing with other people will make you learn a lot faster and the best way to get better at jamming with other people is to jam with other people.
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Might sound weird but learning songs is actually a great thing to do, because you can pick up techniques that other guitarists use instead of boring exercises. You will feel as though you have accomplished something.
I had a fair amount of dedication and motivation, but for 2 weeks (more or less over xmas holidays) I only played chords, and was able to play F and B chords (kinda. B is still a pain in my ass after 3 years).

Its boring, yes, but eventually you are also able to see where scales, etc., fit in, and roughly are able to play everything, even if you are just playing rhythm to a song using power chords.

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I think your goal is incredibly stupid.

Just play guitar and enjoy it, and practice.


You sound like a perfectionist who wants to perfect everything which is not possible in terms of music because it's subjective, so either you learn to accept it or be ultimately depressed after a few years wasted time and then you'll sell your guitar on ebay once you realise it.
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Dont be so harsh on the dude, admire his enthusiasm. Dont judge him and predict his failure based on one short paragraph. Most of what he wrote is perfectly reasonable (wanna learn to compose, to jam with dudes) and wanting to learn as much as he can is a trait that Im sure any good musician shares.

tl;dr - I think your face is incredibly stupid.
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
and all you can do is just wait by the moon
and bleed if it's what she says you ought to do
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I was like you for a long time ago. I practiced all the time. Chords, scales, tapping, shredding, improvisation, jamming...
I felt like I wasn't good enough to call me "Great guitar player".

But practicing helped me, now I feel more comortable to play the guitar and it sounds much better!

My conclution: Just keep practicing songs, improvisation, ear, different techniques, etc... You will getter better!
Organized learning and regular practice will take you there ! And no one can learn everything in their whole life time, but you can definitely learn a lot. Mastering any instrument is an on-going process in our lives!
What will help is to get in the 'mind-set' of wanting to achieve everything and/or being able to achieve everything.
I'm just going to tell you know, that you are not going to learn everything about music in your life time. No one will, not even the greats. Music is too vast, and is always changing, faster than you can keep up.

Anyways if you want a good starting point though, check out Justinguitar.com. He has amazing lessons, which are all structured very nicely and have a good chronological order for you to learn. He even has lesson plans. Definitely check him out, and if you can donate a bit of money (he works hard to make these vids, I think he deserves at least something).