Fairly tight mix. Only crit would be lacks breath, humanity.

I could be convinced these guitars are samples or something.
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The guitars sound very dull, as if they were being played in the next room. I would put a high shelf EQ on the guitars. And maybe take away some reverb.

EDIT: If you were miking the guitar amp, try moving the mic a little closer, that would brighten up the guitars.
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Guitars need a lot more high-mids and high end, and the balance of the cymbals on the drumkit is quite off (hi-hat way too loud for the crash) and the kit is very obviously programmed (can hide it a lot better). I also found the kick too clicky with not enough punch, and the lead guitars need to be much more present in the mix.

Don't be discouraged, it's better than a lot of the stuff on peoples' profiles on the site, but over time you should improve a lot with practice.
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Thank you for all the critiques how can I improve my drum programming? I'm using EZDrummer, by the way, but the kick is another sample because I didn't like the default kick.

I may re-upload the track later!

chedit: I also need help with the lead tracks, they don't sound that great for me and I've always found that my lead tracks were probably the worst thing about my tracks. mp3s can be found on my profile, but I've always thought that something was missing.
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