Alright, so due to circumstances involving moving into a college dorm I need to shrink my current setup without having to sacrifice anything key.

My current rig is my board running into an A/B switcher at the end to switch between my hot rod deluxe for clean and an Orange AD30TCH running into a V30 2x12 cab for two distortion channels. It's my favorite rig and I have been touring off it for the past 2 years.

I definitely need to shrink my amp setup so I was thinking of finding someway to share the speaker in the hot rod between the Orange and the Hot Rod. I have some limited edition brown hot rod deluxe that has a V30 in it so I wouldn't be changing anything except dropping one speaker from what my orange usually runs. This would save a lot of space as well.

So what would I need to build or get to share the speaker between the two amps? Some kind of switcher? I was thinking of the circuit for the kind of switcher I would need and it seems pretty complex. Maybe I'm over thinking it though. And please don't tell to just bring the cab because I really can't.

Well, thats similar to what I'm asking except that thread only shows how to run either the combo amp portion into another cab or run a head into the speakers of combo. I need to do both of these and having it be switchable. One channel the Orange into the Combo's speaker and another channel with the regular combo.