it's probably a combined bridge, the strings go over a bridge the wraparound it and fix underneath
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yea but what about with harmonics, i mean on a normal guitar u ajust it, how do you do that on a melody maker
generally stuff like that is pre set. so, you dont.

the company basically finds a way to generally measure it so its for the most part spot on or close all the time.

PRS does this. Except PRS tolerances are so darn good they generally get it right. Just now are they releasing TOM style bridges with adjustable bridge with a stop tailpeices. they have put em on some custom guitars too.

but in short, you dont. its preset. basically from teh factroy it should be good. if you drastically change the setup (like go from 9s to 13s and droptune or heavily modify the guitar) its probably going to hurt intonation in a negative and unchangable way.
Melody Makers and Juniors were never build for accuracy. They were built to make a sound. So long as they're roughly in tune too, that's a bonus.
Quote by RyanBreslin
yea but what about with harmonics, i mean on a normal guitar u ajust it, how do you do that on a melody maker

you probably mean intonation, don't you?

it can be crudely adjusted by two grub screws that allow you to adjust where the bridge sits against the bridge posts - this really is only to compensate for the difference made by adjusting the string height.

you're never gonna get the intonation as accurate as you'll get it on a les paul standard, but no guitar with straight frets is going to be perfectly intonated anyway because the intervals in the chromatic scale aren't divided perfectly equally either. if you're playing with another instrument that is tuned accurately like a piano you'll notice this - you might have to retune the guitar slightly for playing in a certain key alongside some instruments.
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They do have a bridge, but its a wraparound, non-adjustable one.

And basically what Blompcube said.