Poll: Normal vs Extra Jumbo frets
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Normal frets
7 23%
Extra Jumbo frets
24 77%
Voters: 31.
The difference between both is usually fret height. That said, I'd rather have thin extra jumbo's than everything else.

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I play both without noticing the difference unless I specifically think about it.
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What one company calls extra jumbo another calls regular. Vintage frets on a Gibson are very different to vintage frets on a Fender and Ibanez thinks normal frets are twice the size of Fender's. So it depends on the company. Usually I like what Fender and Gibson both call 'medium jumbo'. A little bit wider and taller than vintage frets but low enough that you can still feel the fretboard under your fingers without pushing the strings sharp.
Jumbo are almost always better.
You don't get caught up on friction from your fingers touching the fretboard as much, and they have a lot longer life.
I've got an Ibanez that's 18 years old and the frets on it are still as fat as watermelons.
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I like to switch up between them both. (Not on the same guitar, that's just too much work)