What sort of bass can you get for circa £100 in the uk? I won't be getting an amp, so quality of electronics don't matter, although they are of course preferable. i will mainly be wanting to learn slap bass and rhythm bass. i would prefer not to have a pbass, as they look wrong to me for some reason. more than 4 strings would be cool, but is not a dealbreaker.

i've looked at a few and wanted to know if this was any good, bearing in mind it's just for messing about with:

Alternativly, will a digitech whammy work well as a bass emulator? it seems good enough for the white stripes
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I bought a 4-String Johnny Brooke just because it was so cheap, I thought £30, why the hell not! Of course it doesn't match up to my T-Bird, but to say I bought it for that small amount, it's bloody amazing.
I'm actually selling a Lindo if you don't mind a couple of chips in the paint and getting some new strings. Dark reddish purple colour. There's also HK in Germany (I don't know how much custom charges would be), and Stellah in Ireland. You might be able to grab something worth more at a jumble sale or something but you never really know when they'll turn up. There are a few on sites like Gumtree too.
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