Originally it was me and my buddy switching off different instruments every song, but our drummer recently came back, after flaking before. Potentially playing a house show on friday. Drummer just came today.. but we're sounding really good so far. I'm confident, however, the new roommate who technically isn't a roommate.. the house we're playing at is getting evicted and have 90 days so this kid is staying there. the kid hates me, i've known him for deep and he's just overall a negative asshole to me. He has 2/3 friends who seem to always talk shit and not just about me, but about everyone.

I fear these dudes gettin beligerantly drunk n just talk shit and boo us you know? We do sound solid. And it's a quick set like 30 minutes. I wish they'd realize negativity is unproductive as ****..

What do i do if they start booing and such?
try to ignore them, chances are there will be more people having a good time..

Also, talk to them and just say, cut the BS and lets just have a good time for [Insert name of whos party it is] sake...
Bend his mind ahead of time... ask him to be your roadie.
If he says yes, he'll be on your side.
If he says no, he still might strangely respect you for asking.
If he still becomes a jerk, remember you're name is Hella_Br00tal, and you're the guy holding the axe.

Seriously dude, just have fun... it's a frikken house party.