I'm considering buying a Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor for £70. It's extremely cheap compared to other prices and someone in my area is selling it via a trading website.

I'm up for buying it and I have the money but I'm just wondering if it's for me? I play mainly metal so I'm wondering if it can be used as an overdrive /w wah and such. I'm really a no0b when it comes to pedals especially since I've only ever used single pedals instead of whole pedal boards/processors so I don't want to buy something that potentially does nothing for me ...
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An old guitar teacher of mine had a GT-8. It was just alright, but tbh I'd rather use that £70 on another pedal in my collection lol
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It'll work, but don't expect boutique quality sound. The GT series of multiFX sound generic to my ears. If you want some variation to your tone and some FX to mess around with on the cheapskates, it's not bad. If you want good quality sound, I'd pass on the GT and go for individual pedals.
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