I want to build a 7 string guitar with a floyd rose original.
what is the minimal height of the neck?
or in other words, how big is the neck nut of the floyd rose original 7 strings?
with thanks.. MR. Dubin
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you really think that I didn't do that before?
there is nothing on the 7 string version.... not even at their web site.
with thanks.. MR. Dubin
i googled and found. neck thickness at 1st fret. 21.5 mm 12th fret 22mm
based on 7string 27" scale

width of neck at 1st - 1 7/8", width of neck at 12th - 2 3/16th"

wdiths of the nut itself. there are a few different sizes.
your going to build a 7 string... buy the floyd rose trem and nut before you do anything else then measure it to findout. a logical solution to your question

floyd rose website technical specs say 7 string nuts are
1.875" wide = 47.6mm
string spacing of 6.20mm - .2436"
string spread B-E 41.5mm = 1.633"
height - .248" = 6.3mm
radius 15" = 381mm

click on parts catalog & scroll right to the bottom
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... i know their are different sizes for the nut... but which one is the size of the original?
I can't buy it now because I don't buy it in my country...
does anyone know the floyd rose ORIGINAL 7 string nut size?
with thanks.. MR. Dubin
well, I can't find it in the link, but thank you very much!
help me alot!
with thanks.. MR. Dubin