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I've been getting through a lot of my albums recently while i've been playing Left 4 Dead and Dungeon Keeper (old i know but meh, i love them). They seem like those games you can just turn the in-game sounds off and listen to music to whereas games like Half-Life are quite dialogue dependant.

So what other games are good for listening to music too while playing? Preferably First-Person Shooters.
The first quake is great to play when you are playing Deicide in your stereo.
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i usually play CoD4 while muting it and playing music.

also, wipeout HD is awesome to play with music.
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I would say Call of Duty:MW but I use the sound dynamics of the game such as footsteps, etc, etc
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Yeah, i've been meaning to try the COD games.

My favourite combination at the moment is Left 4 Dead and Scar Symmetry's Pitch Black Progress album. Or Pass Out of Existence by Chimaira.
I owned the All Cup tour on Mirror Mode on Mario Kart Double Dash yesterday, while listening to the the Foo Fighters first album.
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A lot of racing games are good with music.

This. NFS works well with music
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Playing Black Op's Zombie mode whilst listening to Rammstein is pretty good.
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Left 4 Dead with Dethklok= win
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Call me a geek, but PvP'ing in WoW with some music pounding in your ears is awesome. It just happens that I tend to listen to Parkway Drive, Fleetwood Mac and various Jazz stuff.
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Angry birds is quite badass while listening to black metal.

But it's a third person shooter, so idk.
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Burnout Paradise.


I love that game

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Metroid Prime
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I always put on music when I play Minecraft, Terraria, Grand Theft Auto, and CoD: Black Ops
(I don't like COD much. I play offline splitscreen with my brother against bots.)

Pretty much any multiplayer FPS game.
As mentioned, racing games also work here.
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Football Manager.

Because it has no sound <_<

Well, it does, but the sound is rubbish.

And football is rubbish. And football games are rubbish (I did quite like Fifa Street though).
Halor reach's campaign at Legendary while listening to The Absence is awesome.

This and Brutal Legend , wich comes with it's own epic soundtrack.
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Killing Floor works really well if you get a nice fast-paced playlist.

Plus, it's really cheap and a ton of people still play it.
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Devil May Cry 3 and 4 are awesome with some Alice In Chains blaring in the background.
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Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Marvel vs Capcom, etc

Also, I love loading up a custom playlist in NHL 11 to play in the arena. It's nice when you score a goal and a song you like actually plays
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I always played CoD: MW (1 or 2) along with music. Just kept the volume of a the music and the game sounds at a good balance so that I could still pay attention to the sound dynamics while enjoying my tunes B)

I also tend to play music with Left 4 Dead.

And I could see Mortal Kombat working well with music. Some of the characters make annoying repetitive noises anyway.

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Just Cause 2 or the GTA'S.

I listened to Protest the Hero the entire I played Just Cause 2 for some reason

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i could never play Left 4 Dead w/ music, it's even scarier. it's like playing through a zombie apocalypse as a deaf person. can't hear anything sneaking up on you...

that being said, Beat Hazard is a pretty cool game. only problem is my music isn't streaming properly from my computer to my Xbox, so my one Dead Kennedys album plays another album instead, and my ****ing current favorite album makes the game freeze.
Any game that doesn't require you to have your sound on to be able to be effective and Pac-man.

All games other than these games are great.


Tetris. Seriously. I once listened to a song 50+ times playing Tetris.
You could try COD games, but I rely on sound a lot when playing those but know a lot of people that have music on while playing that.

Also, racing games, sports games, rock band
Sports games with Protest the Hero.

Actually, any video game with Protest the Hero. Actually, I'm just gonna listen to them and not play video games.
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