My budget is around 300, and i'm looking for a multi fx pedal with usb recording facilities.
After looking at Youtube and reviews, i've wittled my list down to these :

1) Zoom G9
2) Line 6 Pod HD500
3) Line 6 Pod X3 Live
4) Line 6 POD HD Bean

If anyone could vouche for any of these pedals please do! Or if you can give any advice.

Defanatly the hd500. Im not sure if you can find it used for under $300 though.
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Either the HD500 or HD bean...depending on what your needs are. If you're playing it live in a band situation, the HD500 would be the better option. I doubt you'll find it for $300 though..
I say HD500.
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If you want to keep your budget go look for a Rocktron Utopia G200 or G300.
It sounds really nice and it's easy to use.
Cheers all!! Looks like the Pod HD line is highly rated!
I think i'm going to save up then, or keep my eyes open for a used HD500!

Just out of interest, how come you vote for the HD500 over the X3 Live?