Hey Guys,
I have just recently purchased a BlackStar HT-100 head and I have just noticed that 1 of the tubes does not glow like the others do. Can anyone who has the same amp check if theirs is the same or not please. The tube that does not glow is one of the smaller tubes, the one furtherest to the left when viewed from behind.
Also does anyone know if a bias is necessary for this amp when it comes time to change the tubes.

Every tube is different. Just because one does not glow, doesn't mean it's not working. What you can do is to grab a spare preamp tube, stick it in and see if there's any change in sound.

Also preamp tubes don't need biasing.
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spare preamp tubes are great not only in the event of having one die on you but also for troubleshooting and experimenting with different tones.

you may or may not have to bias the amp for new power tubes but not preamp as kitty said. you'd have to check your owners manual on that.