have an old ibanez sitting around

i swapped the strings out and plugged it in
and all it did was make loud hissing/buzzing noises everywhere

like way worse then a typical fret buzz

guitar is old and looks pretty rusty, metal has oxidation from sitting around (maybe got rained on not sure)

should i lower the pickup height, or raise the action?

not sure what to do

standard bridge (fender style)
Does it make those noises only when plugged in or even when played acoustically?
acoustically is fine, just tuned it and it plays great

as soon as you plug it into the amp it starts making noises
then there are three possible problems which I can think of.Its either the amp, the cable, or the electronics of your guitar, you should try playing your guitar on another amp, or with a different cable to see which one of those it is.Its the one sure way I know.
i know its not the cable/amp cuz i use the same setup on my other guitars

its the actual guitar, which goes back to my original question

how can you fix the electronics of the guitar
to me it just sounded like feedback from the action being so low and being setup wrong

but if the wiring is actually bad then ya

i'll take it apart and take pics
i'll try raising the action today
and lowering the pickup height and if that doesnt work then pull out the wiring
Maybe pulling out the wiring isnt the best course of action unless you have experience.Sorry if youre some kind of electro egineer or something and im just cramping your style with this.But if youre not it would be best to give it to someone who knows what to do with it.
You're probably best off either giving it to someone to fix up, or (if you feel up to it) redoing the wiring yourself. You might need to completely replace the guts of the guitar, which could be expensive.
Head to the guitar building and customising forum, they'll be able to help with what needs doing.
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