I was aiming to upgrade the stock tuners that came with my Les Paul Melody Maker with a set of Kluson Deluxe vintage style tuners.

Being a complete beginner in all of this, I didn’t realize these vintage style tuners required an adapter bushing. My question is whether I’m going to need to hammer these bushings in or do they just typically fit snug into the hole?

Also I’m just curious if these particular Kluson tuners offer any benefit to the stock ones on my LPMM? I bought them more for the pearloid knobs though to give my guitar its own look.
you'll see at least a slight upgrade with the new tuners. if you wrap your strings properly you may not see a huge improvement, but you won't be going down in quality at least

the bushings won't just drop in, but you won't have to do any hammering. usually if the holes are accurately drilled you should just be able to press them in pretty tightly
Thanks very much james4! I was wondering if I'd need to get a rubber mallet or something. Bushing should arrive tomorrow so I'll see if I can just seat them by hand.
Well I got the bushing adapters. Of course the top 2 were just slightly loose (would slip out if I slapped the back of the headstock) and the bottom 4 were slightly tight (would not go in with normal hand pressure). I used some masking tape (2 layers to be exact) for the top 2 and did my best to carefully hammer in the bottom 4 with the handle of a screwdriver. The fitment isn’t perfect – the bottom four are very slightly uneven to the headstock. Tunes and plays fine for now. Might get a small rubber mallet and see if I can seat the bottom 4 perfectly flush.
I went out and got a rubber mallet lol ... tried giving it a few good pounds but some of the bushings are still not perfectly flush. Anymore pounding would've been beyond my comfort zone so I'm just going to live with it since it plays and tunes great anyway ...