A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step

i am now about seven bars into the tune classiacal gas by mason williams.

the tune as you all know is epic, and so will be my journey to master it.

any tips would be helpful of course. I really dig version 2 of the tab


i hope this helps to inspire more people to learn this song.

It is the particulars i am stuffing up.

As always practise makes progress.
Did you get it? Don't give up... as you said practice makes progress. Will took a few weeks to get this far http://youtu.be/7SHIRghp7ek still a little shaky... and needed a load of encouragement not to give up. I kept playing the Tommy Emmanuel clip - theres one on youtube which is epic - has him playing at a furious pace, re-tuning a string on the fly - quite amazing.

Tip once you get the main melody, its basically repeated - I have sheet music + accurate tab, I can share if you need.