Sort of bluesy metal, but more like surf music on meth. Using SolidGoldFX's SuperDrive and Nitro through a clean amp head (Egnater Rebel-30). Vox Big Bad Wah added during the lead solo. Slight feedback just before lead solo via Vibesware Guitar Resonator. Modest tape echo via Digitech's TimeBender. Playing an Eastwood Airline '59 guitar for that vintage tone.

Sounds good quality good playing, not sure about that first weird change. Other then that sounds very trippy and interesting solos could be a bit tighter.
Hi, I did it in one take... more or less a set of riffs with lead improv. Only took a few hours to compose then record (timing not 100%). Recorded it to promote a few new pedals in my collection. But thanks.

I know very little about effects except the basics! But there are some amazing sounds, reminds at times of a bit Satrini the quality of the recording sounds really good to me (but my speakers aren't great though).
I'll tell you something... I like Satriani's tone and music, and his inspiration is in me to some extent. Having said that, I have used all kinds of pedals and effects, all kinds of amps, and there still remains some element of Satriani in my tone. In other words, it's not just the equipment being used, but the player, and because of his influence, I tend to give a Satch vibe automatically. You should hear some of my earlier pieces when using a JS2400 Ibanez guitar (Satriani's latest guitar) with a Peavey Mini Colossal (a small version of his Peavey JSX amp)... with ANY distortion pedal I can produce very close to his tone BECAUSE of his influence and my liking of his music (and how it comes across in my own stuff). I heard some stuff on this site that sounds a lot like Vai, and when you read 'favorite guitar player,' no surprise that Vai is on the list.