If the Baroque "dance suite" were to be revived using modern dances, what sort of dances do you think would be included in such a suite? To be a candidate, I think there are some prerequisites such as: a) the dance itself should probably originate as some sort of "street dance" b) the style of musical accompaniment should be suitable for modern classical-style writing (of any sort) c) the styles must be distinct enough from each other to allow for character differences between movements of the suite.

As of now, I can think of two good ones: the "Charleston" (Gershwin was able to do quite interesting things with that rhythmic profile) and "Swing." Those would be good up-tempo movements, in my opinion.

Any thoughts from others?

PS: For the record, I was thinking about doing such a suite for solo instrument at some point, so post knowing that I might steal some ideas for it from this thread.
I agree with Samba and Charleston: there's a lot of interesting stuff you can do with that. I would suggest Hip-Hop, too. You can fit a choir into that sort of music--think older Funk music. I can see it now...the Hip-Hop Chorale!
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