I bought this guitar a few years ago when I had a paper round, so about 3 or 4 years ago? It's a great guitar, and was my number one choice over my Squier Telecaster for at least 2 years. But after I bought my PRS, and I've been playing bass in a band lately, the guitars getting neglected sadly and I only use it if I can't be bothered to tune my PRS down, so I think it's time to sell...

The guitar itself is in excellent condition, other than a few scratches on the scratchplate and a very very tiny chip in the body, which is unnoticeable really.
The guitar comes with it's original gigbag, but no strap as it had worn out pretty quickly, so I had to chuck it.

Looking for £120 ONO
Based in Worcestershire, so collection would be preferred, but I might be able to post if I find something to package it with.

I'm interested and also based in Worcester. Would you be able to arrange a time too meet do I can have a play with it?
LOL Funeralllllll xD Thanks

I'd rather post in the UK sorry Austin174, even better I'd rather have someone collect.

And Benny150592, I've PM'ed you back
hey man, any idea how much it would cost to post to northern ireland? i'm extremely intrested, sick paint job btw
I've had a look at the measurements and weight and postage would be roughly £20 - £25.
I've got about 3 people interested in this now. It's currently at my local guitar shop, and as far as I know, it hasn't sold, so I'm going in tomorrow to check.
If you still want it, gimme a shout, but like I said, I still have a couple of other people interested now, and I'm going away on Sunday and won't be back till Thursday, so it might take a while to post.
BUMPING again, gotta sell!
£120 collected from Worcestershire
£140 posted.