i know that this is kinda a dumb question, cause only i can make it sound the way i want it. But the question is sorta this; how do i get into tapping without having to take a second or two break? sometimes a break is good, but sometimes i want to flow a nice legato lick into a tapped arpeggio to make some beautiful thing without need to wait.
I tap with my middle and ring finger, and i hold my pick when i tap, so is it just a speed thing?
If you have some sort of hammer on/pull off before you tap, it makes it more easier. So, hammer/pull-tap-whatever
You already said it. If you've got a legato lick before it is much easier to flow into a tapped arpeggio oder a tapping lick.
yeah you just have to practice tapping without havgin to wait try tapping a couple notes in a lick you liike(click on my link and see the video"sad thoughts" for an example of what i mean i use tapping alot so...yeah)
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