Did this recording the other day with my friend operating his tascam digital multitrack, a room mic and compressor mic, think we also recorded the guitar on the room mic and lined in. I ran it through adobe and made a mix I liked. Further to that I did some click/pop reduction, a little bit of pitch correction on one of the vocals (which a kinda double/triple tracked at times) to try and make it sound as clean as I could. I then proceeded add some effects to the guitars, tweaked cut out unneeded noise mixed it down ran it through a few things to try and get close to mastered.

I have a very good idea where I'm taking it next this is more of a guide track/demo to get a feel of the song but I am really happy with it and thought I'd share it with you for your enjoyment and if there's any bits of constructive advice/critique people would like to give. I'm aware of the "playing" and "vocal" fluffs, and the fluffs on applying effects. I know very little on mixing and effects so a bit of advice in that direction would be great and useful.



I think the myspace is a wav as well but if it's just the mp3 version and too low q check out the soundcloud one it's definitely wav quality.
You've got a cool voice, I think it's a good start and you could now try to add some instrumental melodies (lead parts).
Thanks man, I was experimenting with lead early looking forward to getting some of that added in, and the vocals need more dynamics absolutely going to record a drum track to work with next though!
The only remarkably noticeable thing about this that needs 'fixed' is the chopping/cutting out at about 3:00. Solid song.
When you saw me sleeping
thought I was dreaming
of you...

I didn't tell you
That the only dream
Is Valium for me
Retruning the crit!

Intro is very nice, giving me a Blind Guardian feeling, which is great

I think it sounds good overall, with some drums, more guitar and maybe some strings(?) it will probably sound even better.
Another crit return right here.

I'm diggin it man. I like how it goes from a gentle beginning to immediately grabbing your attention with the sharp strumming when your vocals come in. And your voice sort of reminded me of the lead singer from interpol though not as deep. I'd definitely be down to hear a fully mixed and mastered version when you finish it up.
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone.

@Td_Nights: Think that was a bit of laziness on my part I couldnt be bothered to mix it all down again which is what I needed to do!

@Vismbr Haven't heard of Blind Guardian will check them out! For the intro I've tried sything some cello which sounds really good with it, but it's a little out of time so I'll have to do a re-record with a click track to match it all up good.

@Betaciao Thanks man. I'm working on this song for a release on my friends collection/promotion/management/record label mix cd so a complete ep quality version will be needed.

A few questions have come to mind:

At the change at 2:27 should I drop the change for another verse (the first starts "The Silence it deafens me") or should I keep it and add some vocal sounds to it? Or leave as is?

I could add a verse and keep the change but I did want to keep this song well under 4 minutes as most my others are quite long, and I don't think the picky interlude works after the verse but I can experiement.

The intro I'm definitely dropping the humms for some other instruments, for the verse might actually get a nice crunchy electric guitar on it for some more dynamics. The Vocals need some more emotion and rises and falls.

Thanks sorry to ramble it's good for me to make a note of what to work on!
Hey man. Feeling this song. The acoustic guitar sounds great, and I really like the atmosphere of the introduction.

I think the vocal melody is a bit.... uninspiring and the lyrics seem a bit cliche and dull to be frank. Not saying they're not personal or anything, but from an outside point of view it sounds like a rhyming dictionary has been used.

All in the all, I like the intro and acoustic guitar sound but think the lyrics, melody and chord progression need to re-worked. These parts in particular feel a bit obvious and uninspiring (like we know where the song is going next, if that makes sense).

Anyway, hope that was useless. C4C?

Thank you very much for your crit I find it very objective and of great help.#

I've decided to change the key by cappoing at the 2nd fret and have developed the melody further to be a lot more rising and falling, and in the higher key it's easier to sing. I've also added an alternating d/dsus4 to the first strummed section.

I'm going over the lyrics and elimating the most cliche parts and stripping it back and going to work on creating some better imagery and make it more personal and emotional, I think it was a case of going ott with hooks and cliched ideas.

I'm quite happy with the progression and I don't want to change it too much, maybe make it bit more dynamic with some random stops and starts etc. I'm going to experiment with maybe getting a totally different change in but I think once I get a 2nd guitar part with some arppeggios and a bit of lead it will really solve that problem.

Once I add drums, bass and a backing vocal track think that will pull the whole song together.

Thanks everyone so far for your feedback has been great!