Hello there UG users i have a question regarding guitar chords.I can read a chord diagram and all that but i do not know what a chord variation is.You see i'm trying to learn Paint It Black by chords,mainly for the chorus because i don't like how the chorus was tabbed out.I saw tutorial videos before and they only say the chords and not a lick about variations.For example,they say E minor(or major forgot) and then they moved on to D major,ect.Do you just play the first chord shown on the diagram or the whole variation?It'd be nice if you guys can help because this song was bothering me for a long time.
I'm not sure what you're talking about...inversions? voicings? Perhaps you should show us the music you're looking at.
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Yeah I'm confused
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Just play to the chords listed on the tab (you have to figure out fingerings/arrangements.) The changes are roughly in-line with the lyrics as listed; you have to listen to the song to hear when the next chord comes for sure.

If you're a beginner, you can just play the open versions of the chords in a simple strumming pattern. If you've got more experience, you can play it any number of ways: chords, melodies, riffs, solos, anything really. Or, if you want to play just like the original, use the chords as outlines to figure out the riffs and melodies. Once you know the chords, it's not too difficult to figure out other things that are going on around it.
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