This is a long shot!

Just started playing guitar a month ago and am looking for people to meet up and practice with about once per week. I'm not very good and am taking lessons but I am very keen to learn how to play with others! I thought we could meet up and attempt easy songs and compare skills! I currently have an acoustic but I don't mind what you play, electric or bass is fine too.

Ideally, I'm looking for people female in their twenties ( because that's what I am!). But I would consider guys who are similarly aged and suitably non-threatening!
Hey, you might have more luck if you post Here. I'm from Leicester. I searched on here. Got nothing. Searched on JoinMyBand. I am now in a band. Good luck with your search
Hi Nerd, Was just wondering if you managed to find your practice buddy?

I'm not in my twenties (30), or female (obvious), but would like to find someone to practice with on a weekly/fortnightly basis if you're interested? (I'm about to go on holiday for a couple of weeks, but would be happy to converse by messages on here, or email to see if we get on - I would much prefer to spend my free time with someone I like, and I'm sure you're the same, regardless of the need for a practice companion).