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Hi guys,

I'm about to start up a website as a school project, and I think I just came up with a pretty solid idea.

I'm thinking about creating a website where you would be able to promote your own "amateur" band, find other existing amateur bands or musicians (guitarists, drummers,...) looking for a band in a particular region (and all over the world). The goal is to keep this all 100% free.

A few other features of this site would be:
- a customizeable "band page"
- a way to look for gigs of registered bands in a certain region
- a wall on the homepage where you could advertise your gig, new album, new single, etc...
- maybe a way for people to support your band (financially)
- a way to get in touch with organisors of (small) events
- possibility to upload new songs, pictures, videos, ...

My question to you is whether or not you would like to use such a site if it got online, and if you guys think other bands would register on this site.

Also, any other suggestions are always welcome.

Sounds great, but if you keep everything 100% free then you won't make an money, and if the server generates a lot of traffic, you'll have to buy more servers and they're not cheep.
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Yes, I've thought about that.

Of course, to keep everything free for the users, I would need to get some link partners or some banners
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The main problem with those websites is that the bands are the only people interested by the website and try to get the attention of any other band on the site (for some comments or ratings etc)... And the seconde band will do the same.

No fans or music fans go on that site on purpose, because there are so many mediocre bands that get on the list of the top bands by they spending time having people rating or commenting their page.

Its always band to band, not fan to band.
Look at myspace now... It's horrible.

Good luck for that, but you'll have to think alot about how to avoid that problem!
I hope you know what i mean english is not my main language.
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I agree with the above. But I would use a page like that for my band. Someone has to think of something that gathers around fans and bands. Like myspace did before when I didn't need it.

But every band could use something to make organizing gigs more easier...