I was thinking of getting a JamVox as I've just really been teaching myself to learn songs by ear, etc., and it seems like the JamVox has some good features for this. My question is, if I get it, then I would want to use it to replace my TonePort UX2 - can I use the JamVox to record into a DAW and does anyone know how it works with other amp sim software?

I know the drum patterns are awesome because I was on the verge of getting an RP355 just for the drum patterns, and this is a better alternative for that. It has it's own monitor speakers so I can use it without headphones if I want, which is awesome - I'm just really concerned if I can record into a DAW with it. (I use Reaper, Audacity, and Adobe Soundbooth)

Also, anyone who owns one of these, if you have any info to add, or alternative suggestions, etc., they are more than welcome!
P.S., I know you can't record a dry signal with this unless they've updated the software more than I know about, not concerned so much with a dry signal.