I'm selling my PODxt Live floor processor.. Hardly used and in brand new condition. Includes manual and power supply, along with all model packs installed.

Email if you want more info/pics
Cash only
When you say 'all model packs' included, that is a good deal. In order for you to include all model packs, you would need to go online to line6.com and under your account, you would need to GIFT those model packs to the serial number of the XT Live.

Otherwise, as soon as someone tries to register the device, the model packs will be disabled until repurchased by that user.

Just something to note. People will need to register in order to download updates both firmware and related.

As soon as someone registers they are given (for free) two model packs, effects and one other I can't remember, the other 2 are metal shop and classics for $50 each. Are they both installed as well?