I was wondering if anyone can guess my gear.

Please listen to the song and comment, tell me what you think (of my tone and playing too). I love compliments and constructive criticism. Don't rage at me either, I recorded it on first take. I used a drum machine also.

I hope this isn't a topic posted every day..

http://projectrainbow.net/Clean and Dirty Hunter.mp3

Well it sounds like you're having fun. So I just think you should keep it up, and keep recording yourself. It's a lot of fun looking back to how you sounded when you were a beginner, plus the fact that it's easier to hear things in your playing that you like/dislike if you record yourself.

I won't be doing any guesses at your gear, since that's just silly.

Keep playing and having fun doing so!
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Accurate enough?
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^ party pooper

Well, saying "guess my rig" and then delivering some phaser-drenched cleans which many 100$ could even do isn't exactly funny either.
The point is, I was at GC the other day, and after playing tons of guitars, I found a particular Les Paul that sounded like my guitar. I could tell the difference easily, but I still found it interesting. And to JesusCrisp, I wasn't trying to be funny..