I found a video on youtube awhile ago, i loved it so today i began making a music track for it!

Now im done and i want to here your opinion!

I take no credit for the video! only the music!! i did all the instrumentation exept the drums.

Made with my External soundcard, my macbook, and my acoustic guitar (:

hope you like it!
awsome bro!
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I've seen this video before.

The music you created to replace the original music works quite well with this video. It's a very ethereal, dreamy, surreal piece. It also employs good use of dynamics.

The only change I'd make is this: When he touches down at 2:43, the music needs to climax. He's ended phase 1 of his journey to the bottom of this abyss and the music needs to reflect and punctuate that milestone. Your musical piece reaches a climax at about 2:48 or 2:49. That should coincide with touchdown. Up to that point, you're building tension... he lands... we want the release, but it's delayed.

On his ascent, you once again build tension as the music crescendos. You punctuate the piece perfectly as his head breaks the surface of the water. Very well done.

With the exception of what I noted, you did a nice job on this one. If you decide to implement the change I noted, I'd like to watch/listen to it again.