I need to buy a new guitar multi-effects pedal, because I am not satisfied with my current one, korg ax5g.
My biggest hesitation is between vox tonelab ex and boss me 50 (I think the 70 has too many unnecessary effects).

I managed to explore Boss and realized that it is easy to work with, but I think the sound is too digital. As for the Vox I tryed it in the store, but I couldnt understand how it realy works.

I would like to know opinions of those who have or have experienced, which one is the best, what do they do special that the other doesn't, which is the easiest to work with during a concert, etc ...

Details: amp - Fender frontman 15g
Guitar - maison les paul
style of music - progressive rock / blues

Thanks for helping
I have never used the Vox, but having owned an ME-50, I think I would go for the Tonelab. That being said, they still won't sound fantastic through the Frontman. IMO your Korg works just fine until you have a better amp.
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I have the Vox ToneLab ST, and I like it a lot. I've messed with an older Digitech mfx, but I don't remember which one, but I think the Vox has a much much better sound.
After having owned a Boss ME-50 I would go with the ToneLab I also believe they have a 12ax7 in them for better cleans/warmer tone. I read some reviews on the Tonelab EX and it got very good reviews...
if you're style is Prog rock (which is one of my styles) then buy the ME-70. i use All of my Delays and modulation, A Quarter of the Distortions are Very good, and the Compressor/others on the first setting are alright. The Wah-Wah sounds amazing on the clean setting, alright with OD/Distortion. I Never use the preamps, Only EQ.
Reverd is always on. also has pitch shifting Via the pedal (1 octave down and 1 octave up). these modes suck completely, and only 50% of the time tracks the right key you play in.
The Voice Feature on the footpedal Is something that is pretty good, but it is something i never touch. What i mostly have on for the expression pedal is the Mod rate (and use it like a Wah-Wah) when im doing leads/harmonies. I Will have that with the Mod delay (which is analog, not digital) to about 300-500ms at max level, Length turned to about 50, and master volume to 85-90, as well as a Digital Delay going 300-600ms
Since ive got A New Multi-Effects Unit (Roland GR-55) I Only use the modulation and Delay's.

Best part of the ME-70 is the Modulation and delays so Im not that butt-hurt about ditching the OD/Distortion and COMP/FX on the effects unit.
You can connect the mfx pedal to your amp via auxiliary cable and it will bypass the amp and go direct to the speaker. I have tried it before and it sounds a lot better that way.

Also, the newer digitech units sound a lot better than the older ones and I highly recommend the rp355. You get so much more for your money with the rp than the me50 and the tonelab. Take a look http://www.digitech.com/en/products/rp355
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