Hi everyone,

I'm looking for an octave pedal and I'm wondering what my options are. The only one I've found is the Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavio. I am looking for I Hendrix type sound but I don't know what my other choices would be.

I've already got a US Big Muff and a Cry Baby Wah-wah, I play a Fender deluxe Tele through an Ibanez TBX150R. I may be changing my amp soon. Thank you all for your advice.
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the dunlop octavio's pretty overpriced apparantly, if you're good with a soldering iron it's not that hard to make your own, so i've heard anyway.

the standard octave pedal seems to be the digitech whammy, but that's a lot more modern sounding, buti suppose if you played it with fuzz it would sound old
The Fulltone Octafuzz is more of a vintage sounding fuzz/od. The Ultimate Octave is too modern sounding, as is the Whammy. There are probably a lot of other, much cheaper Octavio-style pedals out there though.
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Morpheus droptune does full octave down. It also does all intervals in between. Starts to sound a little fake at about G though.