G'day pit,

I own this guitar (ESP LTD EX-50) and I am not happy with the tone I am currently getting. I used to love it until I got my PRS SE Custom 24 and now the tone lacks 'balls' compared to what I get with the PRS. I still have the stock ESP pick-ups in it currently, would changing these to some high gain pickups save my once loved guitar?

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yea it would, look at some EMG actives or Seymore Duncan actives. if you are looking for passives seymore duncan 59 and jazz are a great tone combo.

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Cheers for the responses guys Yeah I was thinking of passives, i'll look into the SD 59's. Im actually happy with the clean tone I can get with the neck pick-up so im not looking to change that. Just the Bridge pick-up, need alot more crunch in my tone to stand up against the PRS. I really do like the feel of the ESP it's what I primarily learnt on, so I think Seymore Duncan passives it is
Dig a tunnel of light through ignorant walls
the 59 is a dream in the neck man, its a good choice. as for the bridge, a common combo would be the JB. yea those stock ESP's suck and i got EMG's in my 50 series. What genres/tone are you going to be playing?
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Dimebucker - in my opinion it sounds better than EMGs
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