Hey guys.

I was hoping someone has the experience to help me with this question. I just purchased a used SH-2N on Ebay and wanted to be sure it was the real thing. The little label on the back with the serial and what not indicates a sh-2n.

But I have never seen one until now and I notices it has like a laser etched "Seymour Duncan" in the bottom right hand corner of the pickup. All the google/ebay images I can find do not show this etching, the covers are just smooth. (unfortunately alot of the same stock images all over google/Ebay)

Anyone have the nickel covers with this?

And if so, does the SH-4N also have this etching. I would be kind of annoyed to have my neck pickup with the etching and the bridge without it. I prefer if they match...lol.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.
I would call up Seymour Duncan directly and ask. They would know if it is the real deal or a forgery.
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Yeah, I might have to do that tomorrow. Thanks.

If anyone knows though, Don't be shy. lol

I'm also going to hit up the forum on the SD website, if they ever approve me...
i cant really make out were this etching should be on your pickup? front or back so outside or inside the guitar when installed?

i have a sh-2n in my gibson les paul and a sh-4 in the bridge and there is seymour duncan lasered on the inside part of the pickup thuss the back of the pickup.
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Don't all Seymour Duncan pickups have that etching on them?

Do they? I have no idea. I know the plastic ones have that silkscreen on them, but all the nickel I see are plain, no etching. But like I said, it seems everyone uses the same stock pictures....
i assume you mean the seymour duncan on the front in the right bottom corner?
mine don't have this but it might be that your pickups are younger than mine so that could mean that seymour duncan prints their name on the nickel covers too nowadays. like you said i've also never seen it on the nickel or golden covers but who knows it might be changed.

nonetheless i wouldn't worry about it too much because judging from the bottom side of pickup i think it's very legit.