hey so i just downloaded gp6 and everything shows up but the problem is it won't play. i can click play but there is no sound and it won't follow along with the music.there is also no sound when i plug notes or tabs into the score. this is for a mac. can any one help my situation?
Under the sound menu go down to audio settings and make sure that you have a midi out device selected (on mine it is software synthesizer) and that you have a device selected under soundcard (mine is Apple Inc.: Bulit-In Output). Also, if you have RSE selected (also under the sound menu) make sure that you actually have the soundbanks installed for it to playback. Hope this helps you out.
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nahh didn't work x.x I've tried to install the sound banks n it says it was successful i have to restart guitar pro for it to work so i do it and nothing works