Hey guys just curious if anyone has advice or been through something similar. My original punk band has been going for a while now and unfortunately our first bass player has recently moved on due to family commitments. We had high hopes for our new bass player as he used to be in a friends band that we thought where quite good. Unfortunately after 6 months he doesn't seem to be learning the music properly. It's not overly hard but find he is still watching us play on stage to figure out what to play. Afterwards is full of excuses and a bad attitude. He has recordings of all our songs and it is all tabbed out for him and still is playing out of key mud. He has been playing for 10 years so is capable. We like to have a lot of fun on stage but that is after we have put in time to learn everything perfectly so we can be stupid on stage, but think maybe he has the impression that we are not serious. We have a lot ahead of us in the next year such as our second album recording and a small tour and at the moment this guy is no where near where he should be. Question is should we sit him down and spell it out hoping he will put in the work, or just fire him now and find someone we don't need to worry about? Seems a months notice before a gig is pleanty of time to learn the songs and we don't want to waste a year nursing a lazy bass player full of excuses. Hoping for advice from other bands as maybe we where just spoilt with our old bass player. Thanks
Sounds like you need a new bass player.
Having fun is awesome- all for that.
But it's hard to have fun without some form of solid commitment.
just ask him if he knows howto play your songs and ask him to be truthful. if he doesnt then get rid of him. I know some guys who play bass that joined bands and they were not very good at all but the band needed a bass player. I myself am a guitar player but have sat it with some bands and played bass and it wasnt hard for me to learn songs after about 5 days. It sounds like you have someone who never really learned to play bass before or just doesnt have a good ear for music.

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before you fire him...find a capable replacement so ur not stuck with no bass for a while.

i also think sit him down with the whole band and get him told that he needs to take thing seriously.

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give him a shot, let him know if he doesnt pick up his game his out.

if he doesnt improve rapidily the band obviously doesnt mean to much to him and you should let him go anyway.
Thanks guys good advice, I certainly would want to know all the songs ASAP if I joined a new band! Didn't even mention he is regularly 1 or 2 hours late to rehearsal and made us look like dicks when he told our long term sound guy he should charge us less without consulting us. Looks like we need to grow a set and do something about him.