i was drawn to musiciansfriend.com because they didnt collect sales tax in CA and shipping was free. i recently heard they are collect sales tax in CA and im kind of frustrated cause i hate how much the sales tax can be, if i wanted to pay for that id rather got to guitar center. i was going to get an ESP EC 401 which is like $600 and with the sales tax i will end paying and extra $60 which i was going to use on a hardshell case. now i dont know what to do is there another site out there like musicians friend that doesnt collect sales tax? [some of you might be thinking "just pay the $60!" but i am on a very strict budget cause im also paying for college]
If you're on a budget that strict, just go used. You can easily score that guitar for $300-400 on craigs list or ebay.
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Until they start charging tax why worry? There's loads of other online retailers - sweetwater, AMS, zzounds...
Same day music is good, I have used them a few times and they will even split your bill into two easy payments called "speed pay", if it is over a certain dollar amount. You just pay the first half and they send your stuff, then they deduct the other half a month or two later ( they tell you when of course)


Also sweetwater has been good to me, they sometimes send me candy!
If you're on such a strict budget that $60 f*cks your plan, don't buy a guitar.
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If you're on such a strict budget that $60 f*cks your plan, don't buy a guitar.

that's exactly what i was thinking.

not to mention i have never found a good hardshell case for < $60 from a retailer.
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Sweetwater, ZZ sounds, AMS, Sam Ash, Music 123... Take your pick.
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sam ash doesnt collect sales tax in CA.

thats dissapointing to hear tho about Musicians Friend. they were my favorite site

yeah musicians friend used to be my favorite site but now i guess ill have to switch over to sam ash. which is ironic because i used to order stuff online that would take days to arrive, i actually live like 4 blocks from sam ash
Zzzounds are great and don't charge tax. But call the order in and see if you can talk them into giving you a discount. They like giving discounts over the phone. Wonderful people.