Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about upgrading my amp, I am soon going to start gigging frequently and I don't think my current amp will do what I need. I'm looking for something to play Blues, Blues-Rock, and Classic Rock. I want sounds like SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, AC/DC, Steppenwolf, ZZ top, but also good clean tones like for the Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Marley. Also I live in the U.S.

My current equipment is,

Ibanez TBX150R

U.S.A. Big Muff, Crybaby Wah-wah

Fender Telecaster Deluxe, Washburn Idol series, Stadium Knock-off Telecaster

Thank you all for your help
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Sorry I just realized I forgot that I'm thinking in the $500-$700 range
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The eighties. Coke, big hair, and pink guitars. And big hair.

And coke.
with that budget, don't look for a dumble overdrive special.
Hot rod deluxe all the way, and should be in the upper reach of that range. These amps, like my blues junior, can get some fantastic rock tones (ACDC, ZZ Top, etc) with a good eq pedal and a basic distortion. I can get a mad ACDC tone with a DS-1 and a GE-7, and thats with a tiny little cabinet in the bj.

Great amps, just a bit loud for my needs lol.
Check out Egnater amps. They may be what you're looking for.
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My Blues Jr. is a monster with the gain at 12 and a bad monkey, and its got a good light distoriton/cleaner sound without the bad monkey engaged and of course the legendary clean fender sound when the gain goes down. Jet City also rips a good marshall rock sound, but its only 1 channel as well as the Blues Jr.
I second the Fender Hotrod suggestion, though I'd lean deville over deluxe. The difference is the Deville is a 4x10 combo where the deluxe is a 2x12. I prefer the punchiness of the 4x10.

Peavey classic 30 would be great too.
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Thanks for your suggestions I'm thinking I'll get the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 40W 1x12
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The eighties. Coke, big hair, and pink guitars. And big hair.

And coke.
i have a fender blues deluxe reissue. it's a 40 watt (at least i'm pretty sure it's 40.. might be 30) tube amp so it should be plenty loud enough and i absolutely love the way it sounds. the clean channel can be real mellow but you can easily get it to break up some if you want. check it out at guitar center, it's a really good amp, classic. might be a little bit out of your budget, but you definitely find one used for around $500 if you look around.

also, it wouldn't hurt to look into replacing the speaker of your current amp or changing out your pickups. just something to think about
blacskstar or the egnator.

i got a black star ht40 and i love it. It can do british sounds and american sounds. Fender cleans and amazing gains. try one out if you can.
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It's not the pick ups because I've gotten the sound i want out of other amps. also, a friend of mine has this amp or a similar one and I loved it when I used it, Mine is just more metal sounding and less blues-rock
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The eighties. Coke, big hair, and pink guitars. And big hair.

And coke.
Get a used Hot Rod Deluxe or Deville. Use your Muff for the hard rock stuff like Zeppelin and AC/DC and then get a Tube Screamer for you Buddy Guy and SRV stuff. You don't need to replicate their tones, just make something that sounds good and make it your own. I love my HRDeluxe, awesome cleans, and with new JJ tubes and some EQ work, the drive channel also turns out ok for some Aerosmith and Zeppeling type of tones.
I was about to suggest a Blackheart Handsome Devil... then I saw the gigging bit. Well if you can scrounge up moar moneh, you can look at a Blackheart Hothead.
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All those bands have very different tones. Pick one.
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Peavey Classic 30/50
Egantor Tweaker
Blackstar HT-20/40
Vox AC15

Any of those should pretty much do the job.
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All those bands have very different tones. Pick one.

So you can decide whether to recommend a vintage Fender or a vintage Marshall?
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I have a modded bh handsome devil thats plenty loud for your average gig and its basic sound is outstanding. From there its just a matter of plugging in the right pedal. I like the wampler pinnacle. With that combo I can get almost any tone I want. I`ve got $500 in the head but it sounds as good as some of my other gear costing waaaaay more.