I'm trying to find strings that work for me. I've used the round wound strings and while I loved them, the problem is the sliding noise you get sounds quite amateurish. It usually isn't a problem but when I'm playing a lot of power chord melodies that involve sliding between power chords (especially on my 6th and 7th string) the slide noise is irritatingly prevalent.

So much in fact that I changed to flat wound. I like them but I can't do any tapping tricks on them, and hammer on's + pull offs are very dead, which I don't like at all. You can still do them but it's much harder and for me induces a lot of strain that obviously is going to screw me over down the road.

I was going to return to round wound, but I heard there are in betweens. Have any of you tried them? What was your experience? I use tapping and hammering on/pull off a lot. I wasn't able to find the title listed strings at my local music store, so it seems like a special order would be in place... would like to know more before I buy though.
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Try halfwound/groundwound strings. They are a happy medium between flats and rounds.

Check out http://www.juststrings.com/
they have a lot of hard to find strings for nearly every stringed instrument.
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Sounds more like a technique problem and not a string problem, people with proper technique have no problem sliding around with round wounds, I certainly don't, and I prolly have the worst playing style out of all of UG for the amount of experience I have playing guitar and the such.

You'll find ways around it if you keep practicing, switching strings to cover it up is just as bad as using too much gain to cover your sloppy technique.