TWISTED ASS is project made by two guys (I'm one of them) to do one thing: piss off all the hardcore/post-hardcore/deathcore/death metal/metalcore local bands in their area. So far, TWISTED ASS is sorta of winning...

sounds like a bunch of songs and ideas recorded under an hour. We touch on all these genres:
pop punk
OLD hardcore
and whatever else we feel like.

Just think of TWISTED ASS as a gangbang where TWISTED ASS (who will be played by Belladonna) gets ****ed by genres either one at a time or up to 3 at a time. I hope this helps visualize and understand TWISTED ASS' non existent original sound.

Our lyrics talk about deep and soul shattering issues that would split bands apart and start wars like:
Charlie Sheen
yoga pants
Why the south won't rise again
Sexual frustrations
Why the south still won't rise again
mother nature
birds flying on pigs
how life is hard for an anteater
and Todd's mancrush on Jesus

The two members are Todd and Wade.

Todd likes cookies, Belladonna, Anal **** (AxCx), Protest the Hero, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, guitars with reverse head stocks, Fallout: New Vegas, and to mosh with drunk rednecks.

Todd hates Arbys, shitty local bands (almost all of them), try-hards, high school poetry, and slam dancing.

Todd provides the ideas, lyrics, vocals, and guitar.

Wade likes Trivium, Matt Heafy, Metallica, Matt Heafy, Slipknot, Matt Heafy, The Legend of Zelda series, Matt Heafy fan fiction, ESP guitars, making fun of hardcore kids because they don't look up to Matt Heafy, and his girlfriend (who wears a Matt Heafy mask in bed on his birthdays.)

Wade hates anyone who hates Matt Heafy, slam dancing, the HARDCORE/SCENE/EMO lifestyle, and Coca Cola.

Wade provides guitar, vocals, and programmed drums.

Check us out on other sites since we never recorded in mp3 format for some ****ing reason:

We also have some youtube videos out there.
I realize that this is not about the music itself, but rather, the concept. I could def see this gaining a cult following - a very weird cult. MATT HEAFY! I hate the haters who say that Trivium is "just another metalcore" band. Not a fan of his new haircut though.
Your music is only decent, but the lyrics are pretty funny. I guess I really can't take you too seriously because Wade doesn't like Coca Cola. That's just unamerican.
C4C on my stuff? Price Songs
Some funny stuff. Whoever is the guitarist is a ****ing beast. Musically, your songs range anywhere from being really average to extremely crappy, but I understand that that's not the point of the band. They are all pretty amusing though. Sexual Frustration really shows what you guys are capable of as a band, and I'm impressed. If you can maintain that professionalism while doing your comedic stuff, you've got yourself a winning combo.

Thank you guys. We both have "serious" projects that we do work focus on and spend DAYS AND DAYS just to get one song right (I bet you can tell how Wade's serious band would sound like.) And yes we notice "Sexual Frustration" was a favorite among our friends and co-workers. Sadly though, "The Ballad of Yoga Pants" is doing very well for us on youtube (about 9,000 views) but nobody else is clicking on the other videos. Hopefully this changes when we actually learn our songs (the drummer's part maybe has 4 standard drum beats and our choruses contain two chords 50% of the time) and play live where we really want to piss off all the local bands that just stand there and hop occasionally.

"I guess I really can't take you too seriously because Wade doesn't like Coca Cola. That's just unamerican."

He says it too rich! I mean, what the ****!! He's a freak anyways, liking RC! WHO THE ****S DRINKS RC COLA ANYMORE!!!!!?????
You're fucking retarded, yo.
Free your mind and your ass will follow
The kingdom of heaven is within
Open up your funky mind and you can fly