Poll: At what point would you keep your acoustic in a case.
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View poll results: At what point would you keep your acoustic in a case.
Everything, always.
13 24%
1 2%
10 19%
8 15%
3 6%
2 4%
0 0%
0 0%
Never, I like it out, ready for action.
17 31%
Voters: 54.
...And if not, at what price point would you?

(I actually just made the same thread in the electric section, but I'm curious how the two polls will end.)
they're a lot more susceptible to temperature and moisture, especially if they're made from real wood, and have little to no finish. my acoustic is always in its case when its not being played, and its humidified.

my girlfriend though keeps both of her acoustics out. they're laminates, one of which is maple back/sides so she's not worried about anything happening to them.

so i guess if its real wood, i would put it in a case. i voted on $1000+
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I know I should but I don't. My Alvarez, which is a family heirloom leans against the Ovations's soft-shell case, which leans against the wall. My Ovation 12 string, being a $670 brand new guitar gets it's very own stand, but still out. I always case them up for transport like any sane individual, I just retune them when the humidity affects them.
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It doesn't take that long to open a case. Every single instrument I own (except keyboards, drums and similar) are kept in their cases.
Considering I have two male black cats and they claw everything in site: my gear ALWAYS stays in it's case. Don't get me wrong I would love to leave it on a guitar stand but I don't trust those fur-balls.
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I keep my guitars out. I don't have pets, small children or anything like that to contend with though. If they (or any other potential hazards) were an issue I would keep any guitar I cared about in a case.
My two beaters (an old laminate dread and Ibanez AEW) sit on stands, my Breedlove stays in case.
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All of my stuff gets a case and tends to stay in it 90% of the time. If I'm playing, but decide to take a break, I may set it in the case without latching it up; I've even just set it on the floor when I'm the only one in the house, which isn't my brightest move.

I just don't see a reason NOT to have my gear in cases. It doesn't take long to get them out of the cases, and they're a lot safer from just about anything.
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I live in SE Texas and the humidity is terrible down here. So I keep everything in a case unless it doesn't matter. I have a crap Ibanez ~$250-$300 acoustic that I leave out sometimes but I have anything I like enough to use for gigs, I keep it in a case with one of those dehumidifier packets. I also heard that even when you are using the guitar you should still close the case to keep the moisture level the same. I voted $500+

btw I don't take that much cation on electrics, the laquer on them makes me feel less catious and I'm pretty sure they are less sensitive to moisture levels.
I like to keep my Martin available at all times. It sits in a 5-guitar rack and is about three feet away from where I'm sitting. I like being able to just pick it up and play on an impulse.

As for humidity control, I keep the air conditioning set at a comfortable 77 degrees when it gets too hot and humid. I also have a humidifier that covers the soundhole, so all winter long it's still right here and it only takes a second to pop the humidifier out. Though, sometimes I'll just play it while the humidifier is still in place.
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I have a cheap classical acoustic that stays out but my martin stays in it's case whenever I go to bed or otherwise leave my room for an extended period of time.

my electric is almost always out though.
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Ever since I upgraded to my current Seagull Maritime with mahogany backs and sides, I've taken of her like a small child. Humidified case with hygrometer!
I keep mines out. I just play it too much during the day to keep it in the case.
i keep all mine out,tend not to pick it up if its a case,too much effort,theres always kids around and i dont mind them having a strum,mite inspire them down the track.