This song's been around for a few years. I finally got around to getting it out of my head and into digital form. I consider it more melodic than my other works, but also more chaotic. I've never thrown in so many blast beats.

Check it out at my band page or on my profile. Feel free to listen to and/or review my older recordings if you dig this kind of music. And throw me a link if you'd like me to check out your music.

Recorded at home. No external plugins or hardware. All instruments DI'd. Vocals recorded with Shure PG48. Programmed drums. Roughly mastered.
Sorcer - Symphonic Death Metal

Ibanez Iceman ICX220DX, Line 6 Spider III 150W, Roland E-09, Meinl Doumbek, Shure PG48, Rode NT1-A, Behringer Xenyx 502
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