Hey guys,
I have decided to start a one person band. I will be playing mostly acoustic guitar and doing some singing.
I just cant figure out what my band name should be. Any tips?

EDIT: My last name is huge so I don't really want to perform under my own name.
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Just perform under your own name! No offense but I wouldn't consider solo performance a "band".

I was thinking that, but my last name is huge, so I was a bit hesitate about it.
And, I agree, just when I making this thread I wasn't sure on what to call this, so I just said band haha.
I did some music on my own and gave it a name that wasn't my own, so you can too

I don't have any suggestions, though. Any name that would work for a band can work for a solo artist too, if you want it to.
a man and his wood has some pun potential, but i suppose it would be more appropriate for one of those chainsaw artists
My friend Nick once had a band called Nick & The Invisibles.
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A stage name or just using your last initial instead of the full name could work. A lot of actors I know who went for a stage name just decided to start using their middle name as their last name. Otherwise, having a band name as a solo act does allow you to add members later without the chance of potential fans losing track of you because your act has changed names.
You can definitely have a name as a solo artist!

Last weekend a local bar had this solo performer named "Chicago Farmer" and he was actually really incredible. He played guitar, harmonica and I believe it's called a stomp box. At any rate he was HIGHLY entertaining, and I appreciated his name seeing as how he was from a farming town in southern IL, but i'm sure performs a lot in chicago as he had quite a bit of street cred.

Unfortunately I have no suggestions for you, but i support coming up with a name!
You can definitely have a 'band' name as a solo artist... a lot of people do. Ever hear of City and Colour?
Playing under a stage name, or band name is totally fine IMO. I feel pretty uncomfortable performing under my own name, so I go by a band name when I play.

McD, or even Bryan Mack sounds fine to me.