In the music video I've posted, I can't tell what the guitar is, it's something I've not seen before.

Also, what kind of amps and effects do you think have been used to get this sound, I'd really like to know? The perfect example is in the intro, thanks.

The guitar is an old Airline model, won't find them cheap anymore but Eastwood produces replicas of most of the models for a good price.
Fx wise Jack uses a Electro harmonix big muff Pi and an EHX Pog, this plays one or two octaves down along with the dry guitar signal.
Amps are old silvertone models, again hard to find now but fender twin's are said to come close
Go with an EHX Big Muff Pi and and EHX Octave Multiplexer. The OM is monophonic, but otherwise fine. Having a fuzz pedal and an octave pedal is much more versatile then heaving just one fuzz/pctave pedal.
I get a similar sound out of my Les Paul on the bridge pickup with the tone knob backed all the way off, the amp on overdrive, and a wah pedal cocked all the way forward (full treble.) It's not the same, but get's a nice 'fuzz' effect - minus an actual fuzz pedal.