So... Here's my dilemma.

I went to a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo of my name tattooed on my leg tattooed.

My name is Matt, and instead of tattooing an 'M' tattoo he tattooed an 'F' tattoo.Obviously an easy tattooing mistake to make.
But it's a tattoo I want to fix, so any tattoo ideas on what to change the tattooed word to? any word with 'fatt' in it that i can change the tattoo on my leg with into another tattoo?

My one and only friend who is tattooed came up with the idea of tattooing the f into an A+ like he did on every one of his report cards.Genius or not?
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so you have Fatt tattooed on you?

And you want to change it......

replace the first 't' with an 'r'

Comedy tattoo

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With any luck you have caught some real life infection from your imaginary tattoo