Hey guys, looking for a quick sale, as I have to pay for bike repairs.
Really don't want to part with this, as it was given to me as a gift.
Guitar comes with a case, and the original tremolo arm inside.
Has a couple of bumps on the back, nothing major, but it plays beautifully, and looks great.

Asking price is £600, but willing to accept offers.

Also have a Super Chorus pedal if anyone is interested?

Click here for details and pictures of the guitar

Cheers guys.
not only do i love the jagstang, but dave grohl. If only actually had money
dude. you'll make £600 again and again in your life. you wont get a guitar like that again unless you get real lucky.

i frown upon your decision to sell that guitar for bike repairs.
That's such a nice guitar!
If I had the money, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but honestly?
You could get more for it, definately, but I'd try and keep it and sell something else if I were you. That's something to keep
Can you verify the autograph? Seems unlikely that your mate took the guitar too the states on the off chance it would get signed so whats the story behind it? How did it come into your hands?

My friend was already in the states, and brought the guitar back with her.
I don't know much about how she got the guitar, and which gig she attended.
Knowing her, it was probably backstage. I shall ask.
I have no photographic proof of the guitar being signed, which is why I've kept the price low.
I would like to keep it, but I really need my bike back. And I prefer playing my SG really.
It would be better off in someone elses hands.