The first transition seems fine to me.
The second one seems like, you missed a bar out or something.
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The intro is melodic but eerie at the same time, really nice. Nice use of chromatism on the first solo. I like at how at 10, the first piano note clashes with the guitar chord. Also like the chromatism on the piano solo. Then the distorted guitar comes, with some mindless open string riffage, complemented with some odd time sig lead work. The second riff is more proggy, and it's pretty nice, awesome usage of odd time sigs, something to praise nowadays. Then the solo comes, ablsolutely great lead work. The next riff is pretty funny, but oddly it fits. The next piano section, the transition and the pretty piano part are pretty nice (pun not intended). Also, although not a part of the song yet, the 7/8 tapping part at the end is pretty sweet by itself.
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The first section of the song was amazing, one of the best things I've heard on here, please finish a song with that.
I had no interest in the middle "get your mead" section or whatever it was.
The piano bit at the end was lovely, you could definitely find a place for that somewhere. Would make a nice clean section in a song.
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