For about 1.5years i've been using:

I never really thought i had problems playing with it (although it being made of a gel material it can get rather slippery once you get sweating) but about a month ago i switched to:

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Now i've had these Dunlop 2.00mm for about 1.5years also, when i went down to a music store in the city that i never went to, and i thought lets by a bunch of different picks, so i bought about 5 of these guys, and they've been laying around for a long time. I remember the person at the store said something along the lines of "do you play bass guitar? They're much too thick for electric guitar."
I felt like an idiot after buying them and they felt weird after trying them that night so i never touched them again.

But since a month ago i picked them up (it felt weird initially), but after a day or 2 they felt so good, and they have fantastic grip, but i find they are especially good for soloing (particularly alternate picking).

The general idea of this thread is for me to share my experience with different picks and ask others if they think having a thicker pick helps for playing some difficult lead licks etc. I think in every situation that my new picks are superior over my old one.

General discussion, feedback, experience is what i wanna get out of this thread lol :P

Thank you (:
As far as I know, thicker picks are very good when you play very fast, stuff like alternate picking, sweep picking and others. Personaly I prefer thiner picks, like 0.5 or 0.6, but I play mainly blues.
I was using Dunlop Nylon 1mm (the black one) but it felt to rigid
I switched to Tortex .73mm and it goes a lot smoother. More conftable also.

Gonna try those Jazz to test em out and see.
I would never trust anyone working at the music store unless I knew them personally and know they know what they are talking about.

There is nothing wrong with using thick picks for guitars. In fact many people use thick picks when playing electric guitar.

In my opinion, thick picks are the way to go for me. I have the most control in my playing. I personally use Dunlop Tortex Jazz 3s, which are 1.14 mm thick. I've used thicker picks before, but I changed due to the material they were made out of (too much pick noise). The Tortex Jazz picks are perfect though.

Try going to the music store and buy one of every single guitar pick that you think interests you (they only cost a few cents right?). Then just go home and experiment until you find the perfect match.
yes like said before, thicker jazz picks, similiar to the 2mm ones your using, bring out the best tone. altho i prefer the nylon , like the jazz iii's, over the tortex
I found that tortex sharp picks (around 1.5 mm) is good for thicker strings like 7 or 8 stringers, but work really well on soloing as well as riffing. Jeff Loomis from Nevermore uses Tortex sharp 2.0mm and shreds on solos and riffs
Stubby Jazz 3mm
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I use the blue Tortex (1mm I think); it's perfect for me. But if I ever do change it will be going thicker. I really don't see anything wrong with using 2mm.

If you like thick picks, you should take a look at V-picks. They are pretty tight, I own a few and use them on occasion. They are really good for practice... I think because they are slightly heavier than normal picks, so when I pick up my Tortex picks afterwords my picking hand feels lightning fast.
I've been playing with Dunlop Nylon 1mm picks for quite some time, but recently i changed into playing with Dunlop Jazz III Nylon Picks to me theese are the best picks i have ever played with, and will never change again I don't really know how but it really changed my technique and i can play alot faster with them :P
I switched to the 2mm gator grip (the second picture) a long time ago because I got Synyster Gates' pick (he uses the 2mm gator grips) and of course started using it but the inlays on the pick started to fade out so I just bought a bunch of them. There is a huge difference because before I used the thinnest picks that I could find, pretty much like paper.

I noticed a HUGE improvement in alternate picking and sweeping (overall my playing on the high strings had a big improvement), it was amazing but in turn I lost some of the crunch in my tone from strumming power chords on the lower strings. I'm used to it now though and it was definitly worth it because my playing was much cleaner on high strings and I could finally switch strings easily because the pick doesn't bend.
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