Is it normal for a hum to exist for humbucker pickups ?.
I have an Ibanez S-770 PB with the following pickup config

Neck - Dimarzio PAF Pro
Middle _ Dimarzio Pro track
Bridge - Dimarzio Crunch Lab

Amp - Peavy Valve king 112

Pedal - Zoom 606

What ever position I play on I still get annoying hum and feedback
if I play with a good amount of gain. Is there anyway I can get rid
of it so that the sound is more clean when I play with high gain ?

I sometimes wonder how players like petrucci and Paul gilbert
manage to get such a clean sound when playing with high gain
you may have a grounding issue with your guitar. the more gain you pour on the more likely it is that there will be a little backgound noise. even humbuckers aren't silent in high volume/gain situations. a noise gate will help. you may also be using to much gain.

as for petrucci or gilbert they are using way better equipment with greater headroom and designed for high gain. the valveking is a medium gain amp and only can be pushed so far before it turns to mush. (i use one so i'm not bashing just being realistic). i think you'dbe suprised to find that neither one of them uses as much gain as you might think.

thanks for the advise man ...whats grounding issue ?
my zoom has a noise gate effect since is muti effect pedal.

Would it help if I got a better amp ? any recommendations ?
Look at getting a noise suppressor. You can buy a Boss NS-2 for around $120. They really work well. It doesnt suck tone either. That will help with alot of backround noise. Look up demos on youtube on the NS-2 and even from a video you can hear how much they really help.
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thanks for the advise man ...whats grounding issue ?
my zoom has a noise gate effect since is muti effect pedal.

Would it help if I got a better amp ? any recommendations ?

Grounding issues have to do with the wiring of your guitar or amp. Check the wiring and make sure everything is connected correctly. This might help you http://alexplorer.net/guitar/basics/grounding.html

The noise gate effect would only help so much I imagine, an actually noise gate pedal would help better. The Boss NS-2 is a good pedal, and MXR also makes a Smart Gate that's pretty good for around $120.
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Curious, does the hum go away if you plug directly into the amp? The only thing that ever helped my hum/buzzing/am radio interference problems was to go with better cables. In my case every single overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedal I ever used caused unwanted noise, etc. Some more than others.

Planet Waves did the trick for me. http://store.daddario.com/category/146464/Circuit_Breaker_Series
hey guys thanks for the advise..

hikingdude : nope it does not go away which ever way i connect the guitar to the amp..
it exists even when I connect the guitar to my PC directly and use Ampli tube or Guitar rig...

Does any one know a thread that I can look at for getting ideal settings for playing leads
with distortion .. what I mean is how much gain I should be using ..settings for bass middle treble etc