For sale i have an excellent conditioned Morgan Monroe mandolin. Its a rocky rock mms3 model, there is no suppliers in the UK or even europe that stock these, this has been shipped from america and inport tax has been payed. The mandolin is in excellent condition the only problem i can see it the tail cover doesnt sit on right but it doesnt effect the sound at all and 9 times out of 10 people replace these tail covers to give the mandolin a bit more of a personal touch.

The mandolin alone comes with a RRP of around £700 shipped in

onto of the mandolin you also get a very strudy fitted case

A Fishman m300 pickup which cost £250 shipped from the states, this is a complete bridge with a clip on jack adaptor, again these are not for sale in from any UK suppliers

and also i have a Fishman GII independant preamp which is brand new in the box which cost £95

all in all its around £1000 worth of gear

Asking price is £600 ono, i want as close to that price as possible so dont mail me asking if i will take pennies for it.

Buyer pays postage or i can meet in/around the Glasgow area
mms 3 morgan monroe mandolin_small.jpg
mms 3 morgan monroe mandolin e_small.jpg
mms 3 morgan monroe mandolin b_small.jpg
mms 3 morgan monroe mandolin f_small.jpg
bump for this. Would take around £550 for this and i will pay postage in the UK as i need rid of it