no. I like that video though.
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I like the song but it is overrated. THat one kid on youtube plays it on guitar and he has one of the most watched videos on the site. That doesn't make sense.

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I like it. It does sound super cheesy after playing it a lot but I don't hate it yet.
I don't think it's overrated, I just think that the harmonies present are so basic and simple yet so pleasant sounding that they're doomed to pop up in music, especially pop.
it was cool the first.. 100 times i heard it. it's just boring now. overrarted, definitely. But i dont know if i'd go so far as to say the MOST overrated.
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I don't think that it's overrated.
The fact that after FIVE YEARS, you're still talking about it just proves that there's something worth remembering about it?
I love it. It only gets repetitive when every other kid on youtube posts a cover (most of them very crappy), or when you meet someone who only knows how to play Canon Rock. But you have to admit it's a nice song.
I think it's pretty badass. There are far more overrated songs.
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I like it, and I like the overplayed rock version. I like cheesy happy songs in general. They're a welcome change from all the doom and gloom that forms the overwhelming majority of metal and modern rock.
Overrated as in it doesn't sound good, or as in its not hard to play?
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I always thought it was cool when people posted their own renditions of it, and if you can find a decent cover then it's entertaining to watch

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