today i bought the ux2. i installed all the software that comes with but i cant record anything. i also installed the latest drivers and the latest version of podfarm but nothing. cubase dont recognise it. reason riffworks and ableton live the same.... what should i do?
the only thing that i can do is to open podfarm and play. also i can use it as a computer sound card and listen music from the pc... I need this interface to work because i want with my band record some songs in 2 days but icant do nothing right now. i spend about 8 hours trying to get it work but nothing.... HELP!!!!
i dont want to use it with audacity. i want to use with ableton cubase and reason...
hmmm... try this

go to the main screen. next to where it says 1 Audio, on the right, the "Auto" button should be on. try clicking the "off" button and see what happens
actually i just found another way. in the input buffer size it says 8592 samples. i droped it to 256 and now the latency is 5.33ms... but still i cant record...
Does it have Gearbox? My UX8 came with it, it's the way to overcome latency issues. I leave the latency set at maximum to reduce CPU load whilst enjoying very low latency with guitar & vocals.
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now it doesnt come with gearbox... i solved the problem with latency but i still cant record
Did you click the record button at the top of the screen as well as the record button for the specific track? Both need to be armed to record
new problem guys.... after 2-3 minutes of playing the ux2 starts to buzzing.... the only way to stop this to disconnect it from the usb and reconnect it after about 2 minutes... what to do??? its not the cables because i changed them many times... it has a huge amount of output. i know that because the meters are programed to show the output signal... is there any chance to be defective?